Recent podcasts about Inclusive Design Communities

In addition to writing about inclusion, I’ve been finally getting back to talking about it. My last talk about it was about a year ago when I spoke to my friend from college Matt Stauffer and was still writing the book. The rest of the episodes are from when I was close to finishing the book. Check them out:

Talking about inclusion and leadership on Stuff Worth Learning

I speak to my college bud, Matt, about design, development, and leadership, and what inclusion-led leadership can really look like. Catch the audio below or watch the video.

Talking leadership, learning, and fosting community with DesignToBe

Really enjoyed speaking with Rachel Weissman about topics including advocating for others in the classroom and the workplace. Talk a listen on Spotify.

Talking about Inclusive Design Communities on ShopTalk Show

I was back on ShopTalk Show for the third time! Chris Coyier, Dave Rupert, and I talked about the book (Inclusive Design Communities—on sale NOW), Netlify, and ways we can reframe our thinking in various design spaces. Check it out!

Talking about design education on Code and Pixels

A very candid chat with Kelly and Adekunle on Code and Pixels about my designer-who-codes background, moving my site from Jekyll to 11ty and how I used Netlify for both (yes, that’s where I work!), moving from advertising to teaching in traditional education (and writing the first Responsive Web Design university course whilst dealing with curriculum hurdles) and Bootcamp education at The Iron Yard which included executive management for the first time and running a scholarship with the White House, consulting and building DEI initiatives with the folks at thoughtbot, my new book, and so much more.

I’m available in 2023 for more podcasts, so let me know if you'd like to chat!