Converge Florida 2013

This week, I took a trip to Florida to attend ConvergeFL and see old college buddies. Converge was amazing and I’m so glad Carl asked me to attend. I learned so much, just like I did at Artifact. I think the reason that is, is because conferences that run one or two tracks and allow attendees to stay in one or few rooms rather than run around the whole city are better for the attendees. A lot of those larger conferences say that because they are larger, people are exposed to more different views, but both ConvergeFL and Artifact have proved that its about maintaining the content, no matter what the scale is. UnMatchedStyle brought in TV app designers and a musician who built his own instruments implementing technology to create new sounds Moldover. They had some folks show code, while others spoke on leadership. I collected stories the first day, and just took notes for myself on the second. I’ve been to Jacksonville quite a bit for Florida-Georgia football games, and it was nice to enjoy the city as a designer and not a Florida Gator. Jacksonville is buzzing with a new energy I have never seen there before and the designers there are putting Jacksonville on the design map for the rest of the world to see. Also, they have a food truck with amazing grilled cheese sandwiches and a beautiful craft brewery.

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