Actually following through on DEI, on the Work Appropriate podcast

brightly colored title card for the podcast "Work Appropriate" which reads "actually following through on DEI (with) Sameera Kapila"

On this week’s Crooked Media podcast, Work Appropriate, I join the incredible Anne Helen Petersen in answering listener questions about actually following through on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We talk about what action at an anti-racist workplace looks like, adjusting workload for DEI work, how I structured diversity councils under operations (not HR) to make them effective, the importance of external audits, and how senior leaders need to be actively doing the work instead of expecting marginalized employees to do it. These are challenging situations that I know so many are dealing with, so listen to this episode, share Anne’s podcast with others, and submit questions you have!

I loved speaking with Anne, and I hope you enjoy listening! Oh, and there’s a 50% off code for my book for listeners that is valid between Sept 6th and 20th, so get that deal and buy that book!