New year site tweaks

Happy new year!

This morning, I realized that I was using liquid code that didn't automatically update my site footer’s copyright year. Thanks to friends, Andy and Eric, I just happened to check my site and say that the liquid code only updated if there was a new version of the site compiled AKA I had to write something new. I followed the instructions on the link Eric posted and made the update as not to have to depend on a new post for the footer to update to the right year.

I also realized that while I had been pushing to rename all master branches at work, I hadn't really worked on my site in a while and hadn't updated my branch to main. So I did so this morning following Scott’s advice that required some quick updates in the terminal and in my site repo settings. I use a bookmarklet to add links to my site, so I updated the branch in its settings, as well. Finally, I moseyed over to Netlify and updated my deploy settings there.
Quick and easy, and all of this took under 30 minutes.

And, I cleaned up a few tags that had funky formatting.

Here’s to starting the new year right!

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