Hi! I’m Sam Kapila. I’m a designer and educator living in Austin, TX. I write and speak about Responsive Web Design, Diversity and Inclusion in Tech, and design research and process.

I’m the Director of Academic Operations and Diversity at The Iron Yard and I write a column for net magazine. I make a lot of playlists and travel a lot. I cook and dine out and photograph it all.

Jul 10, 2017

Chris Bosh pens letter to city of Miami

Heat Player Chris Bosh writes letter to city of Miami / Heat fans. I’m gonna miss this guy. Did you know he codes?  

Jul 5, 2017

Chance the Rapper, on NPR's Tiny Desk

Chance The Rapper. Juke Jam. Tiny Desk. pic.twitter.com/7gPHmfzB3f— deray mckesson (@deray) July 5, 2017  

Jul 5, 2017

How to draw impossible geometry

Monument Valley 2 is out and it’s short, but lovely. It was really touching to see this round with a mother as the center of the story with her daughter....