Aug 23, 2017

Notes from Women In Tech Summit

Building and Sustaining Inclusive Culture in the Tech Industry Panelists from Dell & Homeaway on the first panel talking about how diversity means different things in different places... 

Aug 10, 2017

How to be an Ally

I’m not going to read the Google memo. Like many other women in tech have said, it’s just reading what we experience on the daily. The “oh you code”’s, the... 

Aug 6, 2017

Creative Mornings / Austin Equality talk

On August 21st, I spoke at Creative Mornings in Austin about their monthly, global theme, “equality”. This was somethign I’ve only dreamed of since Creative Mornings began, so getting... 

Hi! I’m Sam Kapila. I’m a designer and educator living in Austin, TX. I write and speak about Responsive Web Design, Diversity and Inclusion in Tech, and design research and process.

I’m currently the Director of Academic Operations and Diversity at The Iron Yard and looking for opportunities starting October 2017. I’m the Tech Ladies City Organizer for Austin. I’m a former contributor to a monthly column for net magazine print and online, and share my thoughts on the web in the documentary, What Comes Next Is The Future.

I make a lot of playlists and travel a lot. I cook and dine out and photograph it all. I grew up on the Dutch island of Curaçao, and lived in India, Florida, Greece, and South Carolina.

Photo by Wesley Werhoeve, for One of Many