Notes from going down the rabbit hole: Esther Perel

I’ve gone down a really good rabbit hole. Today, I was catching up with a friend and even bookmarked some things we talked about on my site bookmarks list.

We talked about Esther Perel being on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast. From there I immediately got on the audiobook loan list at my library, and watched not one, but two long features of her talks.

She’s a therapist and author to works with and writes about relationships, infidelity, trust, and more. Some romantic, some self. A whole lot of growth-related topics.

I didn't take notes for all of this, as I was also making dinner but thought I’d share what I gathered while watching and listening from at least one of her talks.


You don't solve this with Victoria’s Secret. And there isn't a Victor’s Secret, so we all know where the responsibility lies

Her talk at Bumble at SXSW also stood out to me. For one, it was in Austin. Secondly, Bumble posted about the panel they hosted featuring here and shared this quote:

Perhaps the most impactful thing Perel said in light of the outpouring of sexual harassment allegations in the current news cycle was that ‘men need a place where men can be safely vulnerable and women can be safely angry.’ Perel doesn’t claim that this can easily be done, but she does suggest it’s the only way for our society to compassionately heal and move forward.

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