The new Austin Central Library

My friends and I spend a lot of time at the new Austin Central Library, one of the gorgeous, new buildings in town. Every time, I take photo after photo of the walls, windows, reflections, and its mysteries (more on this below). I threw my favorite photos into CodePen and tinkered with CSS Grid and responsive grid-columns (if supported).

See the Pen image-grid by samkap (@samkap) on CodePen.

This Grid plays with a one- to three-column system. I’m getting used to the syntax, but I do like the column gap features, and think that could be handy in so many scenarios. Still CSS Grid feels like a bit of a mystery I yet have to do a deep dive.

One mystery I can say has been solve in the mysterious roof-top door that goes to nowhere. You can see this in the top left of the second photo. Last week, KUT got to the bottom of this mysterious door. Check out the reveal of why door goes to nowhere, and what it’s for.