Ozark Country Blues

A few years ago, many of us gathered at my friend’s house for a get-together. Vanessa’s house is a perfect Austin home. It has a great backyard space, which a smaller bright green house that she rented to my college friends Robbie and Stephen used to live in. It was a cold Texas winter night, and many of us were still adjusting after having lived in the warm, swampy cities of north Florida. There was a giant ice-chest of beer, an even larger trampoline that we rested the un-koozied beers on, and a smokey chimenia that crackled endlessly. All of these former Floridians were gathered around a clearing that had been turned into make-shift stage for visitors in town from Gainesville (where we all had lived), who also happen to be extremely talented musicians. It has a been a few rainy days in Texas, and one of the songs from that night has been looping in my head. And, of course, a music video for it exists on the web. It’s called “Ozark Country Blues” and it is by Ricky Kendall. The song is beautiful and the music video is touching and delightful.

Ricky Kendall - Ozark Country Blues music video from Twin Lens Productions on Vimeo.

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