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Grad school and writing a design thesis kicked my butt. There was so much reading and writing involved. I think I’m still recovering, almost 3 years later. I was mostly immersed in design books and didn’t have the time to read about anything else. After grad school, I didn’t try to avoid reading but I found myself just skimming through Twitter links and calling it a day. I hadn’t curled up with a book and a cat or two, in a really long time. Finally, last Fall, I decided that I need to get back into reading (especially non-design related topics). I signed up for Audible, so I could listen to books on my long-ish commute, and feel like I was being productive. I also joined a book club with some lovely ladies. I’m knocking out about a book or two every month, but I’d like to read (and listen) even more.

Last Thursday, I asked Facebook and Twitter friends about audiobooks recommendations for too-short trip home involving babies, weddings, and condolences. I had 19 hours of flight and layover time on the way home and 14 on the way back. I had time to read...err...listen. I thought I’d share the list of what people shared because it’s a good list, and also I’d like to put in all in one place.

In addition to this audiobook list, I do sometimes like to hold a book in my hands and smell the binding. I just ordered three actual books that I’m excited to get into.

I am currently enjoying the eeriness of Solaris, and will probably go through the rest of the audiobooks while I drive to work, and start with Americanah once it arrives. I also added a “Currently Reading” section to my footer! What are you reading or listening to these days?