Mad Marchness

As I suspected, March came and went. Since I moved to Texas six years ago, it has been this way, usually because of SXSW. This year was no different. I want to recap things quickly, so I have them recorded (for myself), and also to make myself feel a bit guilty that I haven't been writing.

FU Weekend: FU Weekend was awesome. I loved getting to see some of my favorite Austin designers as well as meet new and interesting writers, developers, and designers from other places. I worked on giving this site a bit of a face-lift. Everything is YELLOW! Since then I’ve also added another section to the site, a contact form, coded by TypeForm, and cleaned up some code. Finally, I just installed and customized Kirby’s amazing and oh-so-customizable CMS panel, and used it to write this post.

Colorado: I took a trip to Colorado with college friends instead of going to SXSW Interactive. I skied for the first time and got stuck in a storm with over 14-inches of snow, and it was a blast.

SXSW: I came back just in time for SXSW Music. I saw a few bands which mostly friends' bands. I got to hear Warpaint play my FAVORITE song of their’s and got to meet the folks of Kuenta i Tambu, a band from my hometown, who I had never met before. Here are samples below!

Hackathon: My coworker Grayson Lawrence hosted an awesome hackathon between the Communication Design majors and Computer Science majors. It was a fun weekend event with a lot of learning and collaboration. Student groups of 4-5 designers and developers created mobile games using any technology they wanted, such as Unity, XCode, PhoneGap, InVision, and Creative Suite. Folks from IBM Design, USAA, and Mutual Mobile came and judged the work. The weekend was a success, mostly because the students learned to work with each other rather than getting into the designer-versus-developer battle our industry has faced for many years. Here’s to more learning opportunities like this!

Transmission: I am joining GoodStuffFM’s new daily show, Transmission, as a weekly design correspondent. The host of the show is Kyle Roderick, who is awesome! It’s live on Wednesdays, at 9am CDT and posted online soon after. I’ll have a longer post with more info on this soon.

I think this covers all of the March Madness! More soon!