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Notes from ACT-W

Intro to Positive Leadership and Flourishing Organizations

Speaker: Evan Schmiedehaus

Characteristics of positive leadership

  • resilient
  • flexible
  • adaptive
  • unbiased
  • EQ
  • Purposeful

Choosing your leadership identity

  • what re the difference between characteristics of leadership and competencies of leadership?
  • Can competencies be taught and developed?
  • what are the habits of positive leaders? Meditation, willingness to try and fail, set intention and establish clear goals
  • meditations are about focus. Set intentions. Who do I chose to be? What I choose to let go?


  • Relationships: vested, genuine, shared values
  • in relationships: avoid the four horsemen: criticism, stonewalling, defensiveness, contempt—sarcasm is a for of contempt/
  • Engagement and flow
  • purpose and meaning: why do we do what we do and our connection to the greater good.
  • attainment: clear goals, measurable, resources, adaptability, and resilience.
  • positive emotion
  • five positive exchanges make up for one negative one to get a relationship back to neutral.

Culture of Positive Emotional

  • Trust-building
  • Honesty, then trust? Not in organizations
  • Be honest, be vulnerable
  • Transparency
  • Process praise vs people praise
  • Gratitude
  • 3 Good things
  • Wonderment board
  • Journaling
  • Mindfulness
  • Best possible future self

A good idea for mid-level managers is to post three good things that happened. Gratitude advances positive results. Do this in the morning, publicly.

Purpose and Meaning in practice

  • Purpose and meaning, defined
  • affirm and reward pro-social efforts
  • build cross-departmental collaboration
  • altruism: help because you can
  • challenge transactional thinking—no quid pro quo

Positive Emotion

  • Positive primers increases resistance to negativity
  • priming helps us connect to positive outcomes
  • primers help activate our memory
  • primers help achieve focus
  • how can we use positive primers in our relationships and on our teams?

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Everything I Learned About Navigating My Career, I Learned From Female Superheroes

Speaker: Dee Kapila (my amazing sister)

what do secondary mutations have to do with your career?

  • lifelong learning
  • reinvention, relevance
  • interdisciplinary skills
  • adapt to a rapidly changing landscape
  • you’re a better, safer bet
  • grater flexibility and a fun, varied career
  • career insurance
  • you become in demand by the X-men

In order to succeed you have to adapt

Suggested Secondary mutations

  • you can learn a little bit of code - star with what you want to do and work backwards to determine a skill st you want to pursue
  • vertical and lateral skill spread, think of T-shaped people.
  • keep track of customer requests
  • accountability
  • don’t undervalue ‘soft’ skills


  • lynda, udacity, coursera, local meetups, orgs, tech book clubs, slack channels, create your own learning community at work, majority of people do not use their education allowance/benefit at work.

Dora Milaje

  • Dora Milaje, from Black Panther : not just mentors or sponsors, but also peers
  • they don’t have to be older than you
  • they don’t have to be in your industry
  • should be a mutually beneficial relationship
  • stand up for each other, speak up in meetings
  • vent/safe space
  • share tips that helps, do retros on what didn’t
  • celebrate your Dora Milaje’s accomplishments!
  • help each other gain more visibility (at work, in the community, within each others’ network)

what is this hype (things are are no bueno)

  • remote work is a must. I am currently working from the beach in my flip flops and you’re not. LOL see you on insta.
  • really love to work. I feel so bad for people who dread Mondays. workaholics are so mis-understood
  • free lunches : they want u to stay there
  • failure is amaze.
  • entrepreneurship is for the most special amazing people ever.

  • Cassandra Anderson: focus
  • Negosh the sitch: She-Hulk, lawyer, tactical strategy, handles stress well, her flight instinct doesn’t kick in.
  • Crucial Conversations books

What would be better than that free lunch is if you paid me market rate

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